• Massilly Group
    Somerset West, Western Cape

The Massilly group offers to customers an array of Services. Check out what we have to offer.

Who We Are

Massilly is one of the foremost lug-cap suppliers in the world, with factories and offices in France, North America, South America, India and Eastern Europe. We are also on the forefront of compound and cap development.

We manufacture steam cappers for small and larger capping enterprises.

Our laboratories and consultation services are geared to assist our clients with the development of their products, production lines and operating procedures. Our South African operation is located, in Somerset West, Western Cape.

We do free on site training covering topics such as torque measurement, vacuum testing optimum procedures etc.
We are willing to support our clients with onsite assistance if there is challenges on their production line.
We are keen to consult with our clients on matters pertaining to product, plant and procedural activities. We can also provide assistance with laboratory testing of the actual finished product.
We manufacture, commission and service our own capping machines. We have a variety of machines that can service small, medium and large production plants.
We supply a wide variety of sizes, descriptions and Colours.

Featured Products

We do cap sizes from 33mm to 110mm.

We offer compounds suited to all the variants of capping products. We can assist our client with comprehensive spec sheets to guarantee that the compound is suited to their specific product.

We offer gold, white and black as standard and can also provide our client with colour caps to their spec subject to minimum order volumes.

We offer smooth and rippled edge finishes.

Artwork on the caps is available subject to minimum volume orders.