Our Services

The Massilly group offers to customers an array of services complementary to the supply of metal packaging. Our sister company, MassiServices, assures the development and the offer of capping and control equipment with a comprehensive range of machines responding to customers' needs. Massiservices delivers thorough assistance in the survey and set up of such equipments.

Our laboratory also allows you to validate the packaging/content match in order to guarantee the good preservation of foods. Precise examinations can also be conducted in order to validate the conformance of your products (migrations of compounds, lacquer compatibility, seal safety...) before launching them on the market.

All these services are offered complete with a team of professionals making up our customer assistance. This team is up to resolving your technical problems with capping or seaming processes but Massiservices (registered training agency) can also come up with specific training sessions suited to your needs.

Our unit Coudert Massiservices that benefits from a long experience in the construction of packaging equipments designed to food markets can also assist you in resolving your Process problems.

From a single machine to a complete production line prepared in our shops, we build up filling machines, depalletizing systems of empty packaging, wash-down and conveying systems while carefully respecting your specifications. We assist you with a team of experienced technicians for the installation, fitting and production start-up on your production site.